Make a Payment

  • Rates payments
  • Application payments
  • Licensing payments
  • Debtors payment

Lodge an Application

    • Footpath Crossing (Driveway) Application
    • Road Opening Application
    • Flooding Enquiry Application
    • Tree Pruning/ Removal Applications (Registered Users Only)
    • Temporary Road/Footpath Occupancy Permit
    • Waste Container Permit
    • GIPA Application

Request a Permit

    • Resident Parking Permit

Request an Approval

    • Outdoor Dining Application

Report a problem

  • Missed or damaged waste bin
  • Illegally Dumped Rubbish
  • Dangerous or Nuisance Tree
  • Animal Complaints
  • Other issues

Request a property certificate

  • Section 10.7 Certificate (previous Section 149 Certificate)
  • Section 603 Certificate
  • Outstanding Notice (735A 121ZP Certificate)

Registered Users

(Services below require one time registration.)
  • Apply for Tree Permit Applications

Enquire about a Council Facility

(e.g. Community Centres, Halls and Meeting Rooms etc. Casual bookings only, for regular hire, please contact Council's Bookings Office on 02 9806 5140).
Virtual Tours for
Parramatta Town Hall
Ermington Community Centre
Dundas Community Centre
Reg Byrne Community Centre
Lake Parramatta
To book a Council Facility, contact the Booking Office on 02 9806 5140